Subject: Re: What I did (will do!) on my summer vacation
Hi Ziners ...

Our summer travel plans include a two week river boat cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam and then spending three days in Amsterdam at the end of June. We were in Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg last summer and saw the Vantage river boats on the Danube and thought it would be wonderful to try a trip on one.

Then, we will spend the last two weeks of August in a "rustic" cabin (no running water) in the NY mountains where we will just be very lazy, and hopefully, my husband will be able to finish the book he has been working on for two years "in his spare time." We have gone to this same cabin every summer for many years and truly look forward to the peace and quiet. It is located in a campground in Harriman State Park on Lake Sebago which has many cabins all of which are reservable at an incredibly inexpensive rate. We take all our own supplies from sleeping bags to cooking utensils, pots, dishes, food, bottled water, etc. which we keep packed from year to year. The best part is that the campground is only 20 minutes from our house so if need be, we can come in for a few hours every few days.

Cynthia & Ivan Pomona, New York