Subject: Prague Restaurant -- Taverna Toscana
Candice, my daughter was in Prague several years ago. She is not particularly a food person, but she had a meal in a restaurant that she raved over. We tried every way we could think of to get the recipe later and were unable to do so. So if you eat there, get the recipe and share it, please!! As I recall, she said the restaurant was fairly near to the heart of the old square or tourist area, maybe a block or so off of it (not having been there, I am winging it here). Taverna Toscana Male nam. 11, Praha 1 (district 1 in Prague). The phone is 2 161 1547. They have an ICO of 63988038 (Mod's Note:not working) The dish was a special that night, Fettucine Cardinale, and she just loved it. I think it was made with four cheeses. I'm sure there is something similar out there, but I tried several I found at recipe sites (like Fettucine Quattro Fromagio) and she would just shake her head sadly! We tried emailing them, got Gourmet Magazine to try, but just heard nothing back. I think she said that the 3 of them had a fantastic meal and it was about $27 US. Hope this helps, Nancy