Subject: Summer vacation? Scotland!
Hello Ziners,

Summer is almost here and we are considering going to visit Western Scotland and the Hebrides. Due to family issues I'll have to postpone any reservations till later, but I'd like to ask two questions before I start to search the Archives.

We'll probably go there mid-July, which I understand is top season. Even if not as bad as August, when all Europeans go on vacation, am I supposed to find a lot of people around? Does in Scotland "a lot of people" mean you have to elbow your way into tourist attractions or you just see there are tourists around?

My second question is related to best locations as a base for daily tours. We usually stay one week in the same place (self-catering) taking daily trips, then we move to another one, so I'd like to find two different places in order to cover most of the area. Your suggestions are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance. Paolo Trieste, Italy