Subject: Re: Protecting FF Award Tickets?
Hi Debbie,

The topic of what might happen to US Airways miles and award tickets comes up often on . There's a range of opinions about the airline's future and what can be done. Now that US is part of the Star Alliance, award tickets can be issued on partner airlines such as United and Lufthansa; I'm burning my US miles on an upcoming trip to Toronto on United. There's disagreement about whether US tickets for United trips will be honored if US goes under.

When big airlines have gone out of existence recently, they've usually merged into another airline which has transferred the miles into its program. Now no airline is likely to take over all of US's assets; these assets would probably be split among a few airlines, so there's a question whether any of them would honor US miles as a matter of goodwill. One also wonders if the miles in an account are more likely to be honored than an award ticket issued by a defunct airline.

If you expect the miles to be worthless before you can use them, there is a way for miles to be converted to other programs through, but it's only available to Dividend Miles Visa cardholders. In the Hotels section of my home page, I link to a Flyertalk discussion of conversions, in this case about getting American Airlines miles from Priceline stays, but there's also a convoluted way of getting US miles converted to slightly less than half as many American miles (under a bonus available until June 30).

Andrew Missouri