Subject: Re: What I did (will do!) on my summer vacation
Hi Ziners,

Tomorrow we're off to "the Cape"--Cod that is, for a couple of days. Late May is a good time to visit before the majority of summer visitors take over. September and October are also great times of the year for a visit.

This summer's major vacation plans include three weeks in Italy--Rome at both ends, Perugia for 3 days, a week in an apartment in Florence, and a couple of nights in Siena. Day trips to Lucca, Pisa, Assisi, surrounding towns.

I am hoping to travel with only a weekender bag--strictly carryon. Any advice on how to accomplish this AND keep clothes neatly pressed would be appreciated. We've always tended to carry too much stuff. The trick this time will be to see how little we can take.

After that trip, we'll be off to local destinations--the coast of Maine is a regular stop for us each summer along Penobscot Bay; maybe a few days in Vermont with a possible trip to Stratford for a play or two.

BTW, if anyone is planning on coming into Boston during the Democratic National Convention, be forewarned that the major highway through the city--our new Big Dig bridge and tunnel--will be shut down due to security concerns. The tunnel under the city passes directly adjacent to the Fleet Center, where most of the activity will be taking place. It will not be the best time to visit our beautiful capital city.

Happy and safe travels to all. Sue in Sharon