Subject: Re: What I did (will do!) on my summer vacation

Instead of heading back on a driving tour to see family in Saskatchewan as planned (read really long, hot, windy and dry trip with 2 dogs in a car with no airconditioning), we have decided to stick closer to home and do the tourist thing in our backyard-Vancouver Island.

So far we have lined up a 3 hour First Nations Dugout canoe tour, a museum visit and a tour of a pulp mill in one city; a 2.5 km First Nations interpretive trail, a visit to a whale museum, Pacific Rim National Park and visitor centre in another, and are still trying to select among the myriad of other things to do!

We might take a guided day kayak trip (hopefully highlighting the natural history of the area), rent a canoe for a couple of days so the pups can come too, or head up-island for a whale watching daytrip.

As this is proving to be a beautiful summer weather-wise, and we have booked the time off for it, I am really looking forward to it.

Donna Nanaimo, BC Canada