Subject: Summer vacations - Paris/London GTG anyone??
Hello 'ziners!

George and I will be in London - Paris the last two weeks of June returning to Florida on the 4th of July.

London, then Paris, then back to London again. I have us going to Hyde park on a Sunday and to two plays. The museums and the Eye, cruise on the Thames..etc. ..EuroStar to Paris and the usual tourist stuff including a cruise on the Seine and a visit to EuroDisney, shopping of course and walking tours in both cities. Have reams of suggestions from ziners and co-workers and of course from our guidebooks.

Although we have a pretty full schedule, we would love to have a GTG with any ziners out there. We seem to have July 1 in Paris and July 2-3 in London with free time. If you have the inclination and will be in the area then, please let me know. We have met some great folks in our travels and would love to do it again..Thanks!

George has never been to Paris, so I'm really looking forward to returning and sharing it with him. Will report on hotels and so forth when we return.

Giverny or Versailles?? What's your choice?? We only have the time for one or the other..Remember George has seen neither.

Regards, Marta & George Tamarac FL