Subject: Re: The South in November
Hi All,

As far as traveling in S. Texas in November --- we probably will still have the air conditioner on, or we will be moving in and out of that. Could be 80s in the day, 50 at night. Be sure to bring at least one pair of shorts and a teeshirt, because you might really be uncomfortable in winter clothes! We might have a cold snap, but I would bet the weather would be very mild.

This would be for areas like Houston (give it a miss, I love it here but there's not a whole lot to see besides NASA, and to me, if you've seen 3 rocket ships, you seen 'em all, but my husband would disagree); San Antonio (a unique American city--used to be genteely shabby, but they have spruced it up too much and it has lost some of its charm, but it is still very enjoyable, has a river walk, the Alamo and missions, and a world class zoo); Fredericksburg (a shopper's paradise...lots of "quaint, crafty crap" according to the men in our group!, but it is quality stuff you don't find other places, truly! and you get the flavor of the old German settlements; also the Admiral Nimitz museum devoted to him and other WWII items of interest--again, my husband spent two days there, I was done in an hour); Luckenbach (population 3, of the country western song fame); Gruene (Lyle Lovett and other country western singers sang here, neat little Hill Country town with other QCC; tube down the river out of San Marcos).

There is a wonderful B&B in Galveston, the Victoria Inn or Victorian Inn (make sure it is a B&B in the town, NOT the Victoria Condotel on the beach). Galveston has a lot of history and is just generally an interesting town. Go to the Railroad museum and see the room on the 1900 storm, or the one down on the pier. Lots of old Victorian homes to see (to tour, see Ashton Villa and the Bishops Palace), as well as the tall ship, Elissa.

As far as New Orleans, the guide books will tell you tons of great restaurants. For something not exquisitely priced, try Mother's for a poorboy (the soft shelled crab is to die for!, and the Debris is good. You go strictly for the food, atmosphere is zip). Also, on your drive to get to N. Orleans stop at Gino's in Baton Rouge, get the house salad, the special bread--think I got the soft shelled crab again....; or Mike Andersons, good fried seafood, cole slaw is great, has a touch of mustard in it.

Y'all come on up! Nancy Houston TX