Subject: B&Bs in Texas
Dear Ziners, forgot to say about B&Bs in Texas......if you are going to stay in the Hill Country, there are many, many B&Bs, it's just a whole industry out there. I am calling them B&Bs, but actually many are separate houses that you rent the whole house for yourself. You can find many around Fredericksburg, Wemberly, Salado.

When I say "Hill Country", what I really mean is "land that is not flat". (This was such a surprise to me when we first moved here--I kept saying, "but where is it?"). Compared to the area around Houston, it is a little hilly, but nothing like a hill you will see in Ohio or Pennsylvania, and people in my area like to get to "the Hill Country" to get away from it all.

You can find many B&Bs or houses to rent online by googling "Fredericksburg TX". I think there is even one booking company you can work through. I am staying in a house this weekend for $200/night that has two bedrooms that we are splitting with a relative. Many of these single houses will provide a breakfast at a main house. If it's any good, I'll share it when I get back.

Wemberly is a charming little town--you can stay on the Blanco River. In at least one of the houses there, you can have the owner come and prepare a wonderful meal for an extra charge.

Nancy in very flat Houston, but we have had a glorious spring this year--the flowers are still blooming, haven't burned up yet!