Subject: Toronto luggage storage

I'll be going to Toronto; I'll be planning to rent a car and stay on the suburbs so I can do some wandering outside of town. On the Sunday I'm scheduled to return the car at the airport earlier than I need to be there so that I can avoid paying for a full extra day. For Sunday I was just planning to park the car and take public transport around Toronto on the occasion of the Doors Open festival; I would be using the car only to get back to the airport and store my luggage. It occurs to me that I could save something on the rental by returning the car earlier either at the airport or downtown, I could stay in town a little longer, and take the subway-bus connection to the airport, which should be covered by the transit pass that I would get anyway.

The one problem would be my luggage; I'll just have carry-ons but I probably shouldn't take them around the Doors Open places. I've found references to there being luggage storage at the airport, and lockers at Eaton Centre and Union Station. Is this still correct, with the current security concerns? Would the Eaton Centre lockers be accessible on Sunday morning before the shops open? Their Web site refers to construction going on there; I wonder if this affects the lockers. I'm mainly wondering if I can store the bags at a hotel where I'm not staying. The Marriott on Bloor looks like the best option, since it has a rental office attached and is on the subway line. Depending on the layout of the lobby, maybe it can look like I've just checked out there. I'd appreciate any help here.

Andrew Missouri