Subject: Re: What I did (will do!) on my summer vacation
Hi Jeannine,

I think that's a great idea to explore L.A. as you would in another city.... the L.A. area has so much to offer. Here at home, I make it a point to search out the different music and ethnic festivals held in the summer. Some of the things we've found are free and low cost music concerts -- we've listened to Cajun music, swing, and jazz. We've gone to the Jazz fest and blues concerts. At the Irish fest, we've watched Irish dancing, listened to the music, and eaten corned beef and cabbage, accompanied by a Harp or Guinness. We've attended a German fest, where they have a German band, in traditional costume, danced the polka, and eaten a plate of knockwurst and sauerkraut, with a German beer. We've gone to the Italian fest, eaten pasta, danced and listened to Italian music, and had a granita. Then, of course, there is community theater.... summer is a great time to go to a musical. We have several community theaters in our area. I just checked one of our theaters, and among their summer offerings are Carousel and Smoky Joe's Café. Thanks for the reminder to look in our own backyard!

Best, Sandy in Central Illinois