Subject: Visiting your home town
Jeanine and other ziners,

I quite often explore Toronto as if I were a visitor. Toronto is a neighbourhood city, so I choose one, get on our transit system and head out. Then I walk back toward my home in midtown. While on the walk, I stop at a coffee shop and watch the pedestrians, one of my favourite past times when travelling. This adventure can take all afternoon.

Toronto also has a great trail system throughout the city and we are fortunate enough to have access to it two blocks from our home. On a Sunday afternooon we often walk 2-4 hours through nature.

Museums often have free or discount days during the week, so this is a good time to visit them. Spend a few hours in your favourite one and have a light lunch or afternoon snack. You'll feel like a visitor.

Head to your local library and pick up a few LA guidebooks to see your city as others do.

Happy wandering. Lucy, Toronto