Subject: Re: Re: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

As a native Haligonian I can tell Ziners that Halifax is a great destination. We've survived the Halifax Explosion and Hurricane Juan. We have a population of over 350,000, lots of shopping, live theatre, symphony, a booming film industry and half a dozen universities. We will welcome the Tall Ships again this summer. We are a gateway to the Maritime provinces, and we are charming.

But, you won't find many Icelandic accents on our streets. To my knowledge, Icelandair pulled out in 2001 (to the great relief of those who fell prey to their public relations and customer "service" practices). I'm not sure if they still move cargo or not, but they no longer "handle" people. I urge everyone to come to Halifax, but to meet Nova Scotians and see the Maritimes not to visit Iceland, physically or vicariously.

The leaves are coming out on the trees, the tulips are beginning to bloom, and this weekend we are having our first Blue Nose Marathon

Cheers, Collette, Halifax, Nova Scotia