Subject: Re: Croatian Islands
Dear Frances, Very timely post. Half an hour ago I made an executive decision, not hard when you are the executive. When my course was finished in Rome, I knew that I wanted to go to Trieste and on to Croatia, but now I have it planned. The laptop stays at home, way too heavy, will take a small bag instead for short trips. Hard as I try, am not able to travel with carry on only. After Venice I continue on to Trieste and from there take a bus to Rijeka and a boat from there to Dubrovnik. Visit some islands, and then take a boat back from Split to Ancona, and the train back to Rome. The islands were a big draw and now I have this wonderful article to read. I love these snap decisions when making travel plans.

I do need from the Ziners in the know, inexpensive hotels in Venice and Trieste, any suggestions. Also of course Dubrovnik. To me inexpensive is ?50 or less for a single room. I don't mind sharing bathroom. Thank you Fanny