Subject: Re: Giverny vs Versailles
Hello Marta,

I agree with Sally completely. My experiences with Monet's Garden have been delightful. I too felt crowded, hurried and 'herded' at Versailles; however, there's no denying that the sights are spectacular. If you decide you need a little peaceful time, Giverny is the destination of choice, provided you get there early. I feel fortunate to have seen the gardens both in mid summer and in early fall - both were magical. ONE more suggestion tho' - try to visit the Marmottan Museum in Paris after you see the gardens. This little museum, off the beaten track, has a wonderful collection of Monet's work, including the famous, 'Impression: Sunrise'. Seeing Monet's paintings of the gardens (in a quiet, peaceful gallery) after visiting the gardens themselves was an awesome experience. (I just took out my gallery guide while writing this email and took myself back for a moment! Ahhhh.)

What ever you decide - it will be the right decision.

Au revoir, Lesley