Subject: Re: summer vacation - Skagway trip
Hi Ziners,

A ferry on the rocks may have made some changes to the Southeast Alaska ferry schedule. The ferry LaConte will likely be out of service for the year. This could cause some minor changes to the schedule. Check before you leave.

We will be on the ferry Kennicott Northbound leaving Sitka on the 13th for Skagway, then drive to Whitehorse and then up to Dawson for last minute provisions. From there we will be going to Inuvik and points beyond for our annual summer holidays. Later we will back track and spend some time along the upper Blackstone highlands along the Dempster road. We will return on the Ferry Columbia departing from Skagway on August 2nd.

Would be open to a GTG with any Ziners traveling on our ferries or along the Dempster this summer.

Dave and Katie Cannon Island, Alaska