Subject: Re: Giverny vs Versailles
Hi All Ziners,

I think that Versailles is without doubt much more impressive than Giverny. But if you go to Versailles, then you have to do that in weekend only. That's is the time when they open all their fontaines (15.30-17.3). And these two hours are slightly enough to see all of them. You can enjoy fontaines accompanied by classic music. The peak of the show is large Neptun fontaines working for 15-20 min at the end of these two hours. I know that sometimes they also have fontaines and fireworks at the evening. For exact info, check their site. By the way you can find nice photos of Versailles at my site:

As you see, you must come to Versailles at the morning to pass all the lines to be able to see the wonderful palace and very pleasant gardens. Don't miss Hameau!

If you still go to Giverny, then combine that with a visit of Rouen, where Joan d'Arc was killed. The old city is a real jem. Its Cathedral inspired Monet. From Rouen you come back to Paris at the evening.

About Fontainebleau. That's a great palace on its own right, but the gardens of Versailles are uncomparable.

Enjoy your trip. Sincerely, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel