Subject: Re: Flying in Canada
Hi Marco,

July is a busy month, but you should be able to book flights closer to your departure date. AC Tango is the economy branch of Air Canada. Their service is fine, and fares are less than the regular scheduled flights on AC. There are other economy airlines, such as West Jet ( or CanJet ( ). Either of these will should be a little cheaper than AC or AC Tango, but you'll need to be careful and look at itineraries carefully, especially on long haul flights (ie Montreal to Calgary or Vancouver to Toronto) because although the fares may be cheaper, you could end up on a flight from Montreal to Calgary, that is routed: Montreal-->Thunder Bay--->Winnipeg--->Calgary. You won't be changing planes, just stopping and letting off/boarding new passengers en route. The usual Montreal to Calgary flighing time of 4.5 hours could turn into a 8 or 9 hour flight..not worth the $75-100 savings on a fare with AC Tango (IMHO). These low cost airlines would be worth looking at, if you want a cheap flight from Calgary to Vancouver, although more time consuming, driving across the Rocky Mountains from Calgary to Vancouver is a trip (and life long memory) in itself.

Regards, John Wiernikowski Hamilton, ON CANADA