Subject: Re: pashmina shawls

On our trip to India this winter, I bought some shawls in Bangalore at what appeared to be a wholesale place; I had the help of an Indian friend so was able to get a good deal (I think) The price for the most expensive one was about 1,500 rupees, which is a little less than $30 Canadian. However, several of the good quality shawls were between 800 and 1,200 rupees. What you need to know is that there is a tremendous range both in quality and workmanship.

When I went to the stores on Commercial Street, the prices for similar quality shawls were much higher. Bangalore is in south India, so the prices in the north should be less. However, Kashmiri merchants who sell these shawls I have found to be very hard bargainers. If your nephew is not experienced at dealing with such, he may find the experience quite unpleasant. If you have any Indian friends I would seek their advice about quality and price, as I have always relied very much on the advice of our friends before making any purchases in India.

I hope the above has been of some help.

Ann Widdowson Victoria, BC