Subject: Aust/ NZ
To add my opinion to the others As I grew up in OZ I may be a little biased, however I also lived in NZ and enjoyed the experience so maybe not so much.

They are two are completely different countries, they just happen to occupy a similar region of the Pacific. NZ offers a vast array of geography packed into two islands, offering the adventurous traveler lots to do. The cities however close after the last worker goes home. Tourism has greatly picked up due in great part to the popularity of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and restaurants are following but they are not there yet. It is fairly easy to get around NZ however tour companies can be a great help for such a short trip, especially in the South Island. It is a most beautiful country, with space and lots of sheep!!

OZ is the place if you want to dive and eat. Do not however count on great Museums. That will happen I hope but it not there yet. You travel to OZ for the scenery, the people. It is a vast country so my advise is to decide what you want to experience and go see that otherwise you will see the inside of airports and planes. Oh yes mind the jellyfish and bad weather in the summer months in Nth Queensland. (Nov.Dec. Jan.)

One other thing. Take time to just meet the Aussies. Go to the local pubs, they are everywhere. Say G'day and you will be well greeted. If you are a vet, US Canadian, Brit or other try out the RSL Clubs ( Returned Soldiers and Sailors League). It is a local experience and one that many say introduced them to the average Aussie.These are member only clubs however they do acknowledge foreign vets as visitors.

Gay LeJeune Huntsville Alabama formerly Sydney and Auckland.