Subject: Re: Paris Hotel - St. Germaine de Pres

I've probably walked into every hotel in the St. Germain area, since that's my favorite area to stay in. That said, I know of no 5 star hotels with 3 star prices, especially during Bastille.

I stay in the 3 star places, so I'm hesitant to give you any names, as I don't want you to be disappointed with places that are just fine for me. If you expect 5 star service, style and amenities, you won't be happy with 3 star.

I see someone recommended the Clement, though it has it's charm, it's not as chic as a 4 or 5 star place or even some of the better 3 star places. That's just my opinion, the Ziner who posted it feels differently. That's what makes horse races. :-) Their website address is

The best of the 3 star hotels, IMHO, is the Hotel Madison on Blvd St. Germain. It's located right across the street from the St. Germain church and Les Deux Magots cafe. It's more expensive than the other 3 star places. Another "high" 3 star place, IMO is Hotel Le Sainte Beuve web address is It's closer to Luxembourg Gardens. Madison might also be listed as they don't have their own site.

Perhaps there are some 4 star hotels that would suite your 5 star needs? Some very lovely 4 star hotels are Relais Chateau on rue Christine. Web address is or you can go to the Costes Hotel. That where the chic crowd stays now. It's on the right bank, right near the Louvre, so a short stroll right across the bridge from the Left Bank.

La Villa on rue Jacob is 4 star, is very sleek and not typically Parisian.

Le Relais Saint-Germain is 4 star and very lovely and Parisian in style. I have their brochure, but there's no website listed. It's probably listed in one of these charming hotels in Paris websites. It's located on 9 carrefour de l'Odeon which is very close to Blvd St. Germain.

As far as staying in an apt. goes, I know some people like it, but I don't. I want my breakfast made for me and delivered to my room on some mornings. I want my bed made daily and the room tidied up. I also like having the front desk concierge who can give me info. I know Paris well, but there's always some questions to be answered. Additionally, I enjoy the interaction that often happens between hotel guests. I've gotten some great little tips that way. When I go to Paris without my husband, I stay with friends. While I love them and their gorgeous apt, I still like a hotel better. But heck, free is free and so it affords me a lot more visits to Paris.:-)

Candice NYC