Subject: Amalfi Coast
Hi Everyone,

I've been to the Amalfi Coast 5-6 times over the last 15 years, and enjoy it greatly. In my opinion, Positano is the nicest place to stay, with the Amalfi and Ravello close behind. In fact, I much prefer that side of the coast to Sorrento, which to me, is not as pretty and filled with tour buses and day-trippers. It is certainly a fun place, and convenient to Naples, Pompeii, and Herculaneum. In Positano, if you can climb steps, and like small, family run hotels, there is no place like the Hotel La Fenice. I can't possibly begin to describe this place, because it is so beautiful and reasonably priced. They have a web site, and are also always featured in the Karen Brown Book on Italian Country B&B's. As great as it is, and it is very popular, it is not for everyone.

I enjoy the smaller, lesser known towns and hamlets above Positano, such as Montepertuso. Also, Paestum, which is about a two hour ride from Positano, has spectacular Greek ruins and wonderful views. Finally, I love Naples, but then again, I live in NY and enjoy the hustle and bustle. The museums and food are wonderful, but even though it is cleaned up and safer than it was when I first made it there 20 years ago, there is still petty crime and lots of traffic!

good luck Jonathan Chimene