Subject: Stuck in the middle...
Hi All,

We did it, we bought our tickets to Asia! We decided to stick with Thailand, and a 4 day layover in Hong Kong. We've got 30 days to take our time cruising around Thailand. We can't wait!

The thing is, I'm feeling...out of place. I feel like My husband and I (both 30) are in between Hostels and Hotels...Backpackers and Organized Tours. It seems that most of the guide books are for either one group or the other. When we were in Europe we stayed at a lot of pensiones, and used Rick Steves books, which seemed perfect. We'll be using backpacks, and plan on taking public transportation most of the time. We want to go to less populated the beaten path. We like the quaintness of staying with a local family (B&B style) without the partying and crowds in a hostel or the impersonal feeling of a hotel. It seems like a lot of the recommended websites are for hardcore backpackers, and things are written for the benefit of younger people or people travelling alone. Either that or it's Frommers which seems too...mainstream. Maybe I need to just buck up and become an adult!

I guess I'm not really sure why I'm posting about this. I'll keep looking on the web, planning some things ahead of time, and hoping to go with the flow the rest of the time. I guess I just needed to vent some of my frustrations about between!

Cheers, Ellie (in Northern CA)

Mod Lucy note: Ellie, I think you're posting because you are overwhelemd and need some suggestions about your travels. Ziners are here to help.

Dan and I backpacked through Thailand. It's a fabulous country. Take a deep breath and enjoy.