Subject: Re: pashmina shawls
Hi Bettina,

I have three pashmina shawls - two purchased here in North America and one that was a gift from friends in Nepal. I was very surprised at the difference in quality. The purchased shawls don't match the quality of the gift shawl. This leads me to believe that the exported goods are not as high quality.

If your nephew is going to buy more than one, then certainly he can bargain. Starting out by asking the price and then moving on to a disucssion about buying a few is the way to go. Above all, patience is required. He will want to pay a decent price that respects the work that went into the creation but know that he is not being bilked. Above all, he must remember that these are highly prized, quality goods made by folks like you and I who are working to make a living. Respect in bargaining is key. And anything he pays will be less than he would in the West. In the end, if the product is something you want, then you should decide if you want to pay the price.

Lucy, Toronto