Subject: Re: Bangkok day trip - Ayuthaya
Hi Leslie, Actually just checking mail from Phuket airport en route to Bangkok and saw your message!

We did a day trip to Ayuthaya a few years ago and it is very manageable. It's only an hour's bus ride from Bangkok and, since the airport is on the north side of BKK - you don't have to go back through the city to fly out.

It's a great place - oozing with history and the Khmer temples are incredible. I, personally, don't think you need a guide - especially if you read up on it first. You'll enjoy just wandering from temple to temple.

When I get back to Hong Kong, I'll look and see if I have some info on buses. We found it quite easy to just catch a 'local' bus up there.

Cheers! Judy in Phuket ...normally in Hong Kong