Subject: Pashima Shawls and bargaining
Hi Ziners,

Lucy's comments about bargaining for the pashima shawls are priceless.

"He (the purchaser of Pashima Shawls in Nepal) will want to pay a decent price that respects the work that went into the creation but know that he is not being bilked. Above all, he must remember that these are highly prized, quality goods made by folks like you and I who are working to make a living. Respect in bargaining is key." It reminds me of something that happened during a trip to Russia when one of our fellows bought a beautiful, hand made table cloth from a lady standing in front of a hotel we stopped at. He told us he "bargained" with her, bought it at his price, got back on the bus and got to thinking about it - About the disparity of his life and hers; about how much time and labor it had taken her to make it. So he got back off the bus and gave her the price she had asked.

Thanks Lucy, for so nicely reminding us all again.