Subject: Re: Bali
Hi Dan and Other Ziners,

I was in Bali in October some years ago, and it was like our summer. Well, not like "Texas summer." It was very pleasant, the beach full of people, and I got a terrible windburn sitting in the shade of a tree on the beach most of the day. We were at the Hyatt and loved it, but it's been long enough ago that I wouldn't venture hotel recommendations. It's a wonderful place to really see how people love, soak up the culture, observe the festivities, etc. It will be a great experience. It is so "other world-ish." I treasure the wood carvings I bought there, and get my photos out at least once a year to recall all the special things we experienced. Since I was with a tour group, I have no advice on the rental car.

It's so tropical I doubt if there is a bad time to go except if they have a predictable stormy season. I'd say go and enjoy.

Lou in Lakeway, TX, where summer has arrived for real