Subject: Re: Portoroz, Slovenia
Hello Lucy,

Portoroz is about 30 km from Trieste along the coast. It's snuggled in a very nice bay, whose other half is in Croatia. A very famous sea resorts, it has a wide range of accomodations from top hotels to private rooms. It's very busy in summer, as many Italians (including me) drive across the border to find less crowded beaches. I never stayed there at a hotel, too close to home, but I know this one not especially good looking, but right on the sea with a pedestrian zone around and an indoor, round-the-year, waterpark with hot and cold sea pools. Here you can look at the other hotels

And this is a site I found for private rooms in Portoroz area Private room renting in Slovenia is easy and cheap, even if sometimes interaction with the owner requires a lot of hand gestures when he doesn't understand English.

Hope this helps. Bye Paolo Trieste, Italy