Subject: Re: Cape Cod
Hello Carol:

The Boston Globe had a magazine insert a few weeks ago on what to do on Cape Cod this summer. Let me see if Jan still has it. If so, I will scan some of it and send it along.

Thirty miles to the north of Chatham is Provincetown which is always interesting.

Restaurants in and around Chatham:

The Cape Sea Grille 31 Sea Street Harwichport Center 508-432-4745 (Very good)

The Bistro Main Street Chatham 508-945-5033 (Wood Grill; second floor, good)

Campari#s Route 28 North Chatham 508-945-9123 (Two sides: one is bar and dining room; the other is better suited for children)

Brewster Fish House Main Street (Route 6A) Brewster 508-896-7771 (No reservations. Go early or go late, but go!)

Captain Linnell House Skaket Beach Road Orleans 508-255-3400 (Upscale; maybe too much for a vacation; older crowd)

Carmine#s Pizza Main Street Chatham 508-945-5225 (If you want pizza)

Chatham Café Main Street South Chatham 508-945-5225 (Great brunch)

Chatham Squire Main Street Chatham 508-945-0945 (Locals, down to earth food)

Chatham Wayside Inn Main Street Chatham 508-945-5550 (Paul and Rene Woodward are the chef's here. The locals think its hotel food, but it is not and it is good. May not have the best local character.)

Christians Main Street Chatham 508-945-3362 (Fun; try for upstairs; food good and basic.)

Le Petit Café Crowell Road Chatham 508-945-0028 (New owner; just tried it, good)

The Mews 429 Commercial Street Provincetown 508-487-1500 (Elegant yet casual)

Nauset Beach Club Main Street East Orleans 508-255-8547 (Upscale; never had a bad meal there)

Mahoney#s Atlantic Bar & Grill 28 Main Street Orleans 508-255-5505 (Pub like)

Land Ho Route 6A Orleans 508-255-5165 (Burgers, clams and great atmosphere. Open year round. No reservations. Go early for lunch; local character)

The Impudent Oyster 15 Chatham Bars Avenue Chatham 508-945-3545 (Upscale; crowded and noisy)

Chatham Bars Inn Beach Club (Lunch) Shore Road Chatham (Pricey, but location terrific; try the frozen Margarita)

Pisces Main Street South Chatham 508-432-4600 (Can be difficult to find, but worth it. Small)

Tom in Carlisle who will be in Chatham by the weekend.