Subject: Re: Cape Cod
Hi Carol--

We would recommend The Martin House in P'town for dinner. It's one of our favorite restaurants in the area. A bit pricey, but most good places are these days.

We've had breakfast at Bayside Betsy's--also in P'town--near the West End. A good bet for breakfast.

Bubala's is nearby and also a good place to people watch. They are open all day and evening. Have had breakfast and lunch there but not dinner--also close to the West End.

For a complete listing of restaurants in this town, check out and click on Restaurants. We've enjoyed meals at the Lobster Pot, Lorraine's, and Napi's among others. Napi's specializes in Portugese foods, as the early settlers were from that region.

For a restaurant that has the reputation for having the best dining on the Cape, check out I haven't been there in years, so can't speak from personal experience, but had a wonderful meal there some years ago. If you decide to go, let us all know if it was worth the price.

P'town has some very interesting galleries--especially on the "East End" of Commercial Street. You might think the East End is the "further" end as opposed to the West End, but since P'town sits at the end of a very curved finger of land, you'd be mistaken. The first P'town exit gets you to the East End of town. Prepare for lots of walking. The West End is very quiet and mostly residential, but there is a great place for Sunday brunch at The Red Inn (see the review in the website above).

There's the Pilgrim Monument in town that some like to climb for the views, and there are great dune buggy rides available in the area.

We love P'town, but one must go there with an openmindedness to differences.

There are several beaches in the area--the Cape Cod National Seashore beaches. And someone already mentioned Nauset Beach. Go early in the day for a parking space.

Route 6A is the northern route across the Cape, and it is beautiful and much less heavily trafficed than Rte. 6. Route 6A is for viewing more of what I would call the Old Cape Cod. Lovely homes, antique shops everywhere, good restaurants along the route, and an ambience that Route 6 or Route 28 through Hyannis, etc., just can't hold a candle to.

Hope this helps. If you happen to be golfers, we can give you a couple of ideas for that as well.

Hope the weather cooperates and you have a grand time "on the Cape." Sue and Frank

[Moderator's Note: Bubala's has outdoor dining and if you love to watch people it is a great place to eat and watch. Tom in Carlisle]