Subject: Re: Cape Cod
Hi Carol:

Jan told me that the Boston Globe insert is in Chatham, so if I can find it this weekend I will scan some of it and send it off the Zine. I agree with Sue and Frank on almost everything but Chillingsworth. Chillingsworth can be extraordinary or it can be pretentious beyond belief and with mediocre food. It tends to be happenchance. We had a seminar close to it a few years ago and the reviews from the attendees ranged from superb to "I sold my retirement plan to dine here?" Frankly I would not go to Cape Cod seeking a restaurant that I would rather find in New York, London or Paris, but each of us has his or her own taste. I did not mention Buca's in Harwich, Northern Italian, which is the current favorite among Chatham's cognescenti. Chillingsworth is close to the Brewster Fish House and I find the latter to be more Cape-ish and frankly better food.

Meanwhile Hyannis is too touristy to be a destination of choice. Route 6A is worth the drive. We sometimes take the Saab convertible we leave in Chatham and drive 6A from Hyannis east. It is a short drive, but very scenic. By the way, where are you staying?

Tom still in Carlisle for the moment.