Subject: Re: Bryce and Grand Canyon camping trip
Vanessa, John has provided you with some great ideas for your trip. Let me add a note from one of our trips.

We hiked the Grand Canyon - down and up in 7-1/2 hours. They said it couldn't be done and a Park Ranger was astonished that we had done it. We started at 8:30 a.m. on the South Rim and headed down. I can't remember the name of the trail, but we returned by the Bright Angel (is that the right name?) which is the trail that most visitors use. This is the "easy" part. We had a 1/2 hour stopover at the Phoenix Ranch for water. It was one of the most memorable travel experiences we have ever had and rates right up there with our hike of the Sumeria Gorge on Crete and King's Canyon in Australia. The Grand Canyon is unbelievably quiet and beautiful.

I'm not too keen on heights either - the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower made me feel uncomfortable - but the Grand Canyon didn't bother me at all. The switchbacks and the fact that you are watching your footing takes your mind off the height. You also spend some time hugging the walls of the canyon to allow the horses and mules to go by. They have right-of-way.

No one has mentioned Goulding's Landing which, I believe, is on the Arizona-Utah border. Folks travel from all around the world to stay there to watch the sunset, just like travellers go to Nagarkot in Nepal to watch the sunrise over the Himalayas (but that's a story for another posting). Lucy, Toronto