Subject: Re: Cuba
Hi Marge,

About 5 years ago, I went to Ancon Beach near Trinidad di Cuba. It was about a $5 taxi ride into the city of Trinidad. The area has a lot to offer - beautiful white sandy beach, accessible mountains for hikes with a lovely waterfall, a colonial city and sugar mills that are UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums, a traditional spa in the mountains, scuba diving and snorkelling, friendly people.

We stayed at a 2+ star resort, Costasur. If you want budget, you might consider it or the newest one which was being developed at the time (Brisas Trinidad del Mar, a 4* hotel)

We went up into the mountains, hiked to a waterfall for a swim and ate dinner with a coffee farmer and his family at their home (all arranged privately with our tour company rep).

Trinidad de Cuba:

Escambray Mountains and Topes de Collantes:

My mini report about the trip:

I highly recommend the area if you are interested in culture as well as a beach vacation.

As for time, if you have two weeks, do it! We didn't have enough time for everything we had hoped to do.

Frances Toronto, Canada