Subject: To Commemorate D-Day's Heroism!
Hi, Ziners,

I want today to pay a small tribute to these heroic people, who saved our world, and specifically my nation, from extermination. I hope that the mankind will NEVER forget this great young men and women who payed their lives for us!

I think that at this site people can tell some stories and share their recommendations and expressions about visiting memorial sites of WWII. Places like D-Day beaches, Stalingrad (been there), Treptov Park in Berlin as well as Soviet soldiers' addresses written upon the walls of Reichstag (been there), places of important battles in Italy, Poland and so on, memorial places in concentration camps of Poland, Czech Rep., Holland, etc. - all these must be visited by all of us to prevent the repeat of the tragedy. Because nothing can be as strong as our memory.

What do you think about my idea?

Sincerely and praying for the health of still living WWII soldiers, Alex Elbert, the son of the Red Army officer, Jerusalem Israel