Subject: Re: To Commemorate D-Day's Heroism!
Alex (and fellow Ziners),

I think a web site with WWII memorial physical sites is a great idea! A few times I've found out after visiting a country that there was a place or two that I would have liked to visit. Guide books often seem to concentrate on older historical places (which also happens to be a main point of interest for me) and more recent places get lost. It's also be nice to see places I haven't yet (or never will have) been.

By the way, people with relatives who died in the war while serving in the U.S. armed forces are registered at The registry will tell which cemetery they are buried in. I have some relatives buried in France and Belgium that I wish I had looked up before going to those countries. (Any WWII vet can be listed - I put my Dad, Ed Czajka - a Purple Heart veteran, on it.)

Marguerite in Chicagoland