Subject: Re: To Commemorate D-Day's Heroism!
Hello Alex

thank you for this message. Too often we forget that travelling is not only looking at landscapes, eating foreign food and hearing strange languages. Without remembering our history, and learning other people's history as well, we'd be less conscious and understanding of our present. The Second World War brought terrible destruction and collective tragedies to most European countries and peoples and we should always remember today's democracy and freedom were paid in blood by an entire generation of men and women. Wars are won by countries but fought by men, some of them strong and determinate, some of them frightened and lost. They are the young RAF pilots of the Battle of England, the Army privates landing at Omaha beach, the defenders of Stalingrad, the Partisan female messengers in Northern Italy and many others like them all around Europe. So, next time we visit some WWII memorial site, or we walk into some neat little town and we learn from the tourbook it had been completely destroyed during the war, let's think of the people who died and suffered, including, of course, the former enemies who are now brothers in the EU. Wishing a better future to all of us

Paolo Trieste, Italy