Subject: Re: To Commemorate D-Day's Heroism!
Hi Judy and other Ziners,

I think that your idea to commemorate your Dad in that way is great. Because as time passes the pictures of the past are hiding. How knows in which way will some interessants try to describe the glorious Allied soldiers. I heard that even in these days some people in France tried to talk that Allied soldiers killed many Frenchs and were ungalant with women. Even if some of such cases happened, it can't be the reason to blacken the memory of all soldiers. I know that Russian soldiers were not always too galant as well. But anyway, these people saved Europe from the worsiest danger in the whole history. They brought back the freedom (particularly Western Armies) and opened the doors of concentration camps.

And now it's our duty to commemorate our heroic parents. We are the last who can tell their stories from the first source. And we have to try to do that in an interesting way. And maybe it can be interesting for ourselves to make the travel into the places where they fought. You here can suggest such thematic itineraries. For example, I know many people in Israel who come back to Poland or Lithuania to visit the towns where their parents lived, to see the concentration camps where they were placed and so on.

In summary, again we must do all our best to commemorate. Thank you to all of you who reacted to my message.

Sincerely, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel