Subject: Re: Bryce and Grand Canyon camping trip
Dear Vanessa and other Ziners, I finally got my map out and wanted to add another thought. When I left the Arches NP,I went back up to I-70 to state hiway 24, down though Capital Reef NP To Torrey. It was one of the highlights of my Utah trip. What a SURPRISE. I have not done the Canyonlands NP since it seem out of the way and you have to come back on the same road that you go in,so I chose Capital Reef.I did have some unsettling feelings(I have a thing about heights,also) when I drove on hiway 12 though escalante canyon at sunrise on a raised hiway without guard rails to get to bryce canyon by 0830. Be sure to allow time to go to Zion NP on your way to Las Vegas. It's one of my favorite NPS. ENJOY Utah. If you go to the Grand Canyon, there are rails on most of the cliffs so you can still enjoy the Canyon. I walked down Bright Angel trail one mile and since I was going so slow it took me the same time to walk down as to walk back up (that height thing again).In the time of year that you're going,be sure to go to the parks very early or late evening. We went in early June and it was already HOT by 1100. Wilma from K.C.