Subject: Re: Scottish games
Wilma, Yes, I was the one who wrote about the Kansas City Highland Games last year. We can't make it this year, but someone from the St. Louis area will be there to have a Davidson Clan tent. We are planning on going to the McPherson, KS games the last weekend in September. ( For anyone interested, this is an excellent two day event in a beautiful lakeside park. People come from all over for it and there are heavy athletic events (caber toss, etc), Highland and Country dancing, Irish dancing, clan tents, pipe bands and individual piping contests, harps, British car display, sheep dog demonstrations, falconry exhibit, children's crafts and games, professional Celtic performers, food court with Scottish plus American food, a tea veranda (shortbread, scones, hot tea), and more. On Saturday night, Sep 25, there is a choice of two events: a headliner concert featuring all the professional Celtic musicians or a Country Dance Gala. Angie-in Kansas