Subject: Re: More Cape Cod questions
Hi Debbie:

As it is with a lot of things, the allure of towns on Cape Cod tends to be driven by personal taste. I prefer the area from Chatham along Route 28 South (actually Route 28 South goes north from Chatham and it really does confuse the heck out of the uninitiated). That would include Chatham, Orleans, Brewster, Truro and Provincetown. I also think that the Cape Cod Bay side along Route 6A is quite scenic. On a good day Jan and I will put the top down on the Saab and take a ride along Route 6A from Orleans to Route 134. I am not a fan of either the Falmouth or Hyannis areas for I think they are too busy for any real enjoyment, but again that really is personal taste. I know a lot of people who live and die for Falmouth. Provincetown is busy also, but its character make it worth at least a day trip. A dune buggy ride there is a great way to explore the dunes.

Tom in Carlisle