Subject: Re: Applecross and other Scotland questions
Hello, P. Miller:

I'm sorry to be so late in responding to your request for help with sightseeing tips for your friend visiting Scotland, & may in fact, be too late.

But I just got back from Scotland myself.

Near Inverness is the Black Isle, one of my favorite spots for some low-key visiting. Of course, it's not an island, so it's easy to get to.

The Court House Museum in Cromarty is lots of fun, especially trying out the jail cells.

There's a nice Pictish Museum at Rosemarkie & the cathedral at Fortrose is worth a look. I loved it on a dark & blustery twilight.

Somewhere out there (I could lead you to it, but no way ever describe how to find it) is an ancient pagan spring, the Cloutie Spring. The idea is that you leave a rag tied to a bush near the spring & leave a worry, trouble or burden. I've adapted the idea for my own garden with a Worry Bush, where my guests can tie a little ribbon to a very sturdy butterfly bush & thereby leave a worry. It hasn't bothered the silly bush a bit; in fact, I've had to cut it to the ground 3 times to keep it under control.

In either Rosemarkie or Fortrose, if you want to wander to find it, is a harp-maker's workshop where you can see wonderful harps being hand made. It's not a tourist attraction, just an artist's atelier, so you may have to ask about it.

Gail In Eugene but never for long