Subject: Re: The Fall of the Berlin Wall
Hi to all,

The fall of the wall was very important, but it's so pity to learn that not quite a few Germans have a lot of nostalgy. I suppose that a lot of you could see their last movie about that.

When I visited Berlin in spring 2001, I'd met nice old woman in Deutsch Opera - in the West. She told me that she was a Communist and that she is still Communist. She is a daughter of a German man and Jewish woman. Both were Communists and during WWII fled to USSR. She told that after the Unification a lot Eastern intelligence was fired from their positions to be replaced by Westerners. She told me that there is a lot of unemployment amongst the Eastern youth - about 30%. She also told that a lot of the buildings were repaired. And that's good. But the problem that people have to pay much more for maintenance - money which most don't have.

But at the same time she told me that was able to send her daughter to study in London and that in addition to her tiny pension she is able to get some money from translations. So, revolutions are levying their own price. The change is always painful, though necessary. But the generations coming later are greatful to their parents if revolutions were in a right direction.

Sincerely, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel