Subject: Re: Tours & tour companies for Greece 2005
Hi, Mark in Maryland and all ziners,

A few years ago I took a tour with my parents to the Greek Islands for three weeks with Adventures Abroad, out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our group had 12 people. They only take small groups, with a maximum of 20. There were people from the US. They can be found at The guide was very knowledgeable on history, culture, local customs, spoke the language and travelled with the group. The group travel with local ferries and stay in good, but not luxury hotels. I believe one meal a day, plus breakfast was included. We saw more than if we had gone independently, and there was still time off, and the price was right. There were no other offers of paid optional tours. In the free time, the guide would say that he was going somewhere or doing something and anyone could tag along if they wished. All highly recommend this tour company.

All the best, Helio Da Costa, Vancouver, BC, Canada