Subject: Re: Business Cards
Dear Gail and other Ziners! Super idea I have been using for two years.

Travel cards (I hate to call them business cards) are great. When we went to Italy two years ago I hated giving people my business card or the scrap of paper you mentioned. So when I returned I designed a travel card my wife and I could take. I did not go so far as to print exactly where I met the folks we gave it to (I do write that on the back before I give it to them) but I did include what I consider two very important things.

One, our photo. I used a favorite travel photo of my wife and I. We meet so many people when we travel, without a picture to remind them who we were, I think they might get us mixed up with someone else.

Two, I put the Zine group logo on the card as well as an invitation to join and the web address. The group does so much to improve our travel that I want to give back in the form of new members. Plus, it is a great place to keep in touch with fellow travelers.

If you want to see how our travel card looks check out to see it.

All our best, Jim & Kathleen in Redmond, WA