Subject: Digital Camera in Spain
Hello Digital Sophisticated Ziners:

We are heading to Spain soon and I intend, for the first time on a big trip, to use my digital rather than 35mm camera. (Oh dear - just thinking about it gives me separation anxiety.) I have a Canon PowerShot S40 (4.0 megapixels) equipped with a 192 megabyte memory card. I use a plug-in, North American 110V device to re-charge the batteries at home in Canada. Here are my questions: Will I be able to use my battery re-charging device in outlets in Spain and France by simply attaching an adapter? Do I need to purchase another memory card? When using my 35mm I average a roll of 24 photos a day on a trip. Since we'll be away for close to a month I would expect to take a lot of photos. BTW - editing and erasing along the way won't work for me. The viewing screen on the camera is too small to see very well. (Or my eyes are too old to see very well.)

Your answers, advice and guidance will, as always, be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Lesley Toronto, Canada