Subject: Intra Europe Luggage Allowance
Dear Ziners in the Know,

I'm asking for help ... AGAIN.

We're flying Air France to Spain (from Canada) and back to Canada from Paris. We understand the luggage allowance on these flights ( 2 pieces checked at no more than 32 Kg each + 1 cabin bag of required dimensions and no more that 12Kg.) We're only take one bag each that will be checked and cabin baggage is under control. Here's my concern. Apparently on intra Europe flights, and we'll be taking one between Barcelona and Paris, checked luggage must not exceed 2 pieces at 23 Kg each. We'll each have one bag to check, which will no doubt weigh more than 23 Kg after some serious shopping enroute. Our travel agent told me that provided our ultimate destination is transatlantic, we would be permitted 32 Kg per checked bag. (We're staying in Paris a week between flights.) I'm not confident in her 'take on it'. Does anyone know for sure or has anyone had experience with this?

I'd appreciate your help as I need to start packing and would like an accurate idea of my options.

Many thanks.

Lesley Toronto, Canada