Subject: Re: Digital Camera in Spain
Dear Lesley, Last November we did our first trip with a digital camera. Took a film camera just in case, but hardly used it.

Our digital camera is a Canon G5 - 5 megapixels. When I used to use film, I would average about 50 photos per day. I found that with digital, it's easy to take more photos, since you can experiment with different perspectives, etc., without feeling that you are wasting film and processing expense.

That being said, I bought three 256 MB cards, and on the way to the airport, bought a fourth, just in case. Our trip was for 18 days, and about 3/4 into the trip started "conserving" shots. Friends we were travelling with had a Canon S40 and lent me one of their cards, so I made it through the trip.

If you can afford it, I would recommend getting an extra card or two. Remember, they can be used many times over.

As far as recharging, my charger says that it is good for 110-240 volts, 50 - 60 cycles, which covers most of Western Europe. All I needed was an adapter plug to fit. Check the fine print on your charger for the voltage & cycles. Since the plug on the charger is most likely polarized (one flat prong larger than the other), make sure that the adapter socket can accept the charger's plug.

Have a great time

-steve, Chino Hills, California (near the other Ontario)