Subject: Re: Digital Camera in Spain
Hi Lesley,

Just got back from Europe of few days ago, digital is great.

I am an architecture student and took many many pictures a day. I was not only able to keep my camera charged but was able to copy the images down to a cd without a problem at internet places, I brought my own CDs. I have a 256xd memory card (I had my camera set at highest resolution - it was also a 4 megapixels) and I got about 400 pics at a time. XD memoery cards are a little harder to get copied to cd, luckily I brought the USB cord for my camera. The classmates of mine who did not ended up borrowing my camera to use with their memory so the could download the pics.

My friend joined me for a week and her camera was also digital and she charged hers like yours, she just used my converter & adapter and it was fine. But realize that it takes much longer to charge things over there. So to be safe I would double the time that you need to recharge. She did not and she ended up having issues with keeping a charge on her camera for as long as she liked.

My biggest note of caution with taking a new camera (if that is what it is) your familiarity with its capabilities. I spent three months overseas and my pictures about a month into the travel, is much better than those from the beginning. Take it out and really play with night and other times so you know that you are really comfortable with its capabilities.

Good Luck Tammy, Columbus, OH