Subject: Re: Intra Europe Luggage Allowance
Hi everybody, especially Lesley,

Two queries I can help with #

Firstly, the baggage allowance problem. I am an OLD (both meanings) airline operative, and this one is easy. # 1.North America, and some of South America, uses the "piece system", two pieces per person, and there is actually a dimension limit which I forget, but its bigger than any imaginable suitcase, and most staff won't know it anyway. The 32Kg weight limit is actually to do with safety regs - that's the maximum weight legally allowed for handling. 2. The rest of the world uses the "weight" concept, 20Kg per person, and it can be pooled, so two people can have one bag at 32kg (still limited by the safety regulation). Some airlines stipulate 25 or 30kgs each, and there is no firm limit to the number of pieces. The actual allowance is marked on each travel coupon in your ticket, in a little box marked "allow." towards the end of each flight or sector description. 3. HOWEVER there is an obvious problem with travel through different areas, and it has always been officially agreed that any travel which includes N. American sectors will be wholly governed by the piece concept. This should be marked on each coupon as "pce" or something similar, in the little box mentioned above. This agreement applies only if all tickets are written in conjunction (in other words, if the one agent issued them all at the same time). SO - you should try to keep your luggage under 32kgs per item - We prefer to have two medium bags, both with mixed his & hers, which makes it less problem if one gets mislaid.

Question #2 - your camera instruction book should tell you how many pics you can take per Mb of memory card - a 4Mpx camera should fill a 128meg card with about 120 pictures at full definition, so apply your estimate of 24 per day to that, and buy some more memory cards (not just one big one, spread the risk and have 2 or more cards in use). As to recharging batteries, you should be able to use an adaptor, or the shaver sockets found in most hotels and other bathrooms.

Did that help at all ???? Paul in Night-time Sydney (it WAS sunny all day though)