Subject: Re: Intra Europe Luggage Allowance
Hi Ziners,

In regards to luggage weight and size. The US and Peruvian airlines that we are scheduled for next month both allow baggage up to 62 linear inches... length+width+height. You can check your airline website or call to find out the specific requirements (national and international). Because our suitcases often include backpacks and hiking equipment (extra weight), we do pay attention to the size and weight requirements. We have gone through an airport at 5:30 am and no one seems to care about our luggage. We have paid excess baggage fees for the same luggage on the same airline on a different day of the same trip. Go figure!

For our Peruvian trip, we are going with the lowest allowable weight/bag which is on the internal Peruvian flight...and hope for the best on our return home with trinkets!

Beverly Knoxville, TN